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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Well this morning has been quite beautiful, and it feels that summer has began. We had our AWANA closing program after Sunday school, and my siblings and I have all finished our books (the two younger ones reviewed their books as well). Everybody did great, and altogether the kids in AWANA said a few thousand Bible verses since September. There was also at least one kid saved through AWANA this year.
It was great to me to know how hard all the leaders worked to teach all of us about God this year.

Our youth pastor is just plain awesome. Not only does he put up with us every week on Sundays and on Wednesday evenings throughout the school year, along with various youth trips, but he also is the AWANA commander, and he runs children's church during the second service on Sunday mornings (and gives awesome sermons when our pastor isn't there). He's always patient with kids, and has a crazy personality, but he also does a very good job teaching us. I don't know what we'd do without him.

They also had a CMA presentation after the closing program. CMA is the Christian Motorcyclist Association, and they minister to bikers. It's a way to get the gospel to people who would never set foot in a church, and the ministry is now international. They work with the Jesus Film Project, Missionary Ventures, and Open Doors, and together they reach millions of people.

We also got packets to hand out for church camp, and VBS music to listen to and learn the motions for. I'm a crew leader again for VBS, which starts in 3 weeks. I'm really excited to see how God uses VBS this year.
I'm also old enough now to be a sponsor's helper at camp, which means that along with going to camp during the second half of the week as I usually do, I also get to be a part of kids' camp during the first half of the week. It's also something that is both fun and effective, and I love to participate.

Summer is my favourite season, because I enjoy warm weather and all the activities we have in the summer, and because there's many ministry opportunities. I want to encourage anyone who reads this to both be praying that many people hear the gospel this summer, and to get out there and find a ministry to help with.

God bless! :)

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