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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Since I have been reading so many books, and reviewing some of them (and rating most of them on as I keep track of them), it makes me think. What criteria should I judge a book on? Simply how much I enjoyed the story and/or the characters? Or should I go by content as well. How much does the moral of the story (or lack thereof) affect my opinion?
Is is wrong to give Harry Potter and Eragon 5 stars, despite the magic in them and the fact I don't agree with it? Yes, I've read some of them, and yes I will post about them when I finish one of the series. (what's the plural of "series" anyway?)

I find that I am almost more lenient about secular books than Christian books. I overlook the occasional mild swearing, and the use of magic (not that I'm saying any of it is okay... I just figure people don't know better). But I would be picky about such things in a Christian book. Is it because I expect more from Christian books?

I had intended this to be a longer post, but I think I'll leave it as this. Maybe it'll give me room for another post later this week or thereabouts.

Here you go, a hundred questions that I probably don't have an answer to myself. You're welcome.

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