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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Social Networks.

Or whatever you call them =P

Quite often I ask myself what the point of Twitter and facebook and Blogger is. Why should I post random little things for the world to see? Who cares what I'm eating, or that I'm annoyed at something? Especially people who don't know me (the ones who do know me probably overlook me, seeing as I've always been the weird one).

And Twitter is fun, but I barely have anything to say on my blog most days, and facebook is just a source of drama. So why do I put up with it? Why do I waste time with these things when I have plenty of other things I could be doing?

I have cut back slightly, but something hit me the other day.
I don't have to just be the weird, random chick who tweets about food too much.
Social networks are used by a lot of people. I alone have 52 people who read my blog, 64 on Twitter, and 141 on facebook. That's an itty bitty little fraction of the world, especially considering some of those people are on multiple sites, but you know what? That's still a couple hundred people, give or take a dozen, that I can be a witness to. My prayer since camp has been that I will be the person that God wants me to be... and that I will be a light to the world.
I think the internet is a perfectly fine place to start, no? But not so I can hide behind some false picture of myself that I create. But because of the possibilities. Of the ways I can glorify God through something I use every day.

If I'm going to spend my time on these websites, I want them to be something I can use to share my faith. I mean really, who cares whether or not I ate Chinese food for lunch? I mean, I'm still going to tell you, I just think I should add something worth reading in there as well ;)

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Jessica said...

Great words! I have the same desire - that the words and photos I post would encourage people and draw them nearer to God, not just make them happy for a few minutes (or seconds, for that matter). In fact, more than not, my Facebook statuses and Twitter posts are verses or quotes by well known Christians. :)