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Saturday, September 24, 2011

So, I don't exactly like fall.

Stuff dies. Those leaves that are turning colors? They're pretty now, but they'll be brown pretty soon. Because they're dead. Like the grass in the yard. Run on that stuff barefoot and it just crunches, unlike the lovely green stuff that feels amazing on your feet. Besides, go outside barefoot in this weather and you'll freeze your toes off.

Have I mentioned that I hate cold?

But I'm not here to be a pessimist. Fall has it's upsides (quite a few, actually). School, for one. I'm actually liking school okay so far. Probably because I like knowing I'll be done before I know it. Then there's all the food (is it just me, or do I blog/tweet about food too much?)... pumpkin especially. The muffin I had the other day was amazing, and I want to try this recipe and this recipe soon. And I haven't had pumpkin mousse in forever.
Oi. It's a wonder I'm no more out of shape than I am. But anyway...
I'm also enjoying being able to wear pretty much whatever, without having to worry about sweating to death. And the sunrise this morning, over that foggy field we passed at 7AM on our way to yard sales? "Beautiful" doesn't do it justice.

So despite the fact it's too chilly outside for my tastes, and I'm not a fan of the color brown, I think I just might have to learn to like fall ;)

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