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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


242. throwing acorns into the night sky and watching bats chase them

243. Kit-Kats

244. knowing others think the same things as yourself

245. playing electric guitar until my left arm hurts from my fingertips to the crook of my elbow

246. reading my Bible in the middle of the night

247. poetry.

248. spilling my guts, whether writing or speaking

249. writing Scripture references on my arm in black Sharpie

250. 1 Timothy 4:12

251. Anberlin

252. my Dr. Seuss jacket

253. red high-top shoes

254. Pacman drawn in chalk in front of church where the Cubbies were playing

255. good ol' country. music or otherwise.

256. straightening my hair

257. laughing so hard my stomach hurts

258. my speech book for school. even though I hate it.

259. libraries

260. singing even when my voice doesn't cooperate

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