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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Currently playing: Whatever happens to be on the radio. Unless it's commercials or Taylor Swift.

I'm multitasking. Blogging, reading part of 250-some posts in Google Reader, tweeting obsessively, and wishing facebook would stop notifying me of pokes.
And I swear I'll not let this end up like my Twitter is at the moment. Maybe. re-launches in one week! =D I'm really excited to start writing. I pretty much have no choice but to write. I already love this character, and I've barely developed him or the story.

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"Of course no one knows time travel is possible. You know what would happen if they did? I hate traffic enough without everyone and their brother clogging up the highways of time as well, just because they want to deliver that smart aleck comment they came up with two days after an argument. Everybody thinks they can change time, but you really can't. There's one reality, and that's what you have to live, whether you like it or not."
"So why do you bother going back [in time]?"
"I enjoy the sheer horror of watching helplessly as thousands die and knowing you can't do a thing. It helps your perspective."

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Or this bit:
 "Respect? Of course I respect people of high standing! I treat them just like I do everyone else. What they don't tell you, even if they've realized it, is that it's very lonely to be treated like you're different from everyone else."

I really should get back to outlining.

I've also been reading, as usual, and I'm nearly up to 70 books so far this year (see my Reading 2011 page for a list). Finally started on the Left Behind series since I have most of the books now, and I have the last three books of the Percy Jackson series from the library that I need to read as soon as I go pick up books 3 and 4 --because wouldn't you know it, book 5 came in before they did. Then I want to read Sherlock Holmes.

Speaking of Sherlock Holmes.... =DDD

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So excited!

And because I got most of my randomness out of my system for the time being, I should go before this post gets any worse =P I need to work on my dear time-traveling sky pirate's story anyway.

Anyone else doing NaNo this year? Let me know if you are so I can add you as a writing buddy! =D

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