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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm the type of girl...

...who will have an accent after spending an hour in the country.
...who will cut her leg open on a rock and not notice, but say "Ow" when her baby brother hits her.
...who never fails to get hurt outdoors, but never got tetanus, and has never broken a bone.
...who always has too many things to do at once; and enjoys every minute of it.
...who will complain about school starting, yet start on school work early.
...who watched Twilight and liked it, and yet do not understand why everyone's so obsessed.
...who prefers British spelling (and grammar... and British Lit.) over American, although I wouldn't want to move to England.
...who likes to know what I'm doing ahead of time, yet loves last minute plans with friends.
...who loves staying up late (or even not sleeping at all some nights).
...who knows to never trust my eyesight, but never doubt my shooting skillz.

Part 3 tomorrow!

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Rachel B said...

I love last minute plans with friends too! :D