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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Whoo-hoo! This blog is officially one year old! ^^
Thanks David, Miles, Blaize, Maggie, Haylie, Taylor, Kailyn, Cornet Crazie, Shaynie, Switch, Heather (A HopeFul Romantic), Rebeccah, Brittany, Paradox, Jessica Nicole, Charity Anne, Ellie, Nahla, Hannah, Elrania, CauseHeLovesMe, Rachel, Heather (CrystalFoxGirl), Eldarwen, Emily Anne, Eruanna, Nikki Karley, and frothybeans45731 for following! :) Y'all are awesome.

Well, my first few posts were complete fails...

Once in a while there'd be something interesting...

I've definitely proved I'm insane...

Especially during NaNoWriMo:
(and yes, I am planning on doing that again this year xD)

I swear I'm not emo, even if it does seem that way sometimes...
(I won't subject you to every single post... look in the archives if you really want to know.)

Overall it's been a pretty cool year. I have about 290 posts as of this one... most of them probably boring as heck xP
But it's been fun. Thanks, everyone, for reading! ^^
Here's to another crazy year of randomness.

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Haylie Jo Gregory said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! HAHA ya know what I mean =]

COngrates darling!! XD