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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bucket Lists.

Yeah. I just said not too long ago that I don't have a bucket list. But I thought I'd try to make my jumble of thoughts into something coherent (which I'm not good at; bear with me).

...learn to surf.
...visit every US state at least once.
...finish writing at least one story.
...share the gospel. Over and over again. able to play at least 5 musical instruments. in a band.
...go on a mission trip.
...visit New Zealand.
...and Japan.
...learn to shoot a bow. a sword.
...memorize all of Psalms.
...go to see a movie at midnight. people from HW.
...see Relient K in concert.
...inhale helium.
...skateboard. Awesomely. Preferably without breaking something.
...learn parkour. 100 books in a single year. (I'm working on it!)
...beat every Legend of Zelda game.
...learn to draw so well I drool over my *own* work.
...learn a new language. Or three.

Notice I go from 0-crazy in a split second. Oh well, you know you love me ;)
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The Director said...

"...skateboard. Awesomely. Preferably without breaking something."

You and me both, girl! ;)

I love your list. I pretty much echo everything you put, haha!

Love the blog, btw <3

Ashley said...

Aw, thank you so much! =3

Jessica said...

I love your bucket list! So many great things to do! I'd also love to learn to surf and I put that I want to learn at least two other languages on my bucket list! Sharing the gospel over and over again is something I want to do, too. Great list!!

Ashley said...

Thanks! :D I'll have to go read yours ^^

Jessica said...

Thank you for visiting and following my blog! :)